First Set of Judgments: The Seven Seals of Revelation

the seven bowls of revelation 2According to the Holy Bible, there are supposed to be 3 sets of seven 7 judgments. However, people have their own different views about occurrence time of these judgments.  As written in the bible, the first 14 of 21 judgments will occur in the first 42 months of the Tribulation and the rest 7 will occur in the last 42 months of Tribulation. The first set of seven judgments is known as “the seven seals of revelation”

The Gong of Destruction

The opening of the seven seals of revelation will be the beginning of destruction. The bible says when the world will be full of sinners and people will begin to go against the Christ. God will shower his wrath to the people, who turned against humanity and became devotee of Antichrist.

the seven bowls of revelationIn first four seals, the 4 Horsemen of the Disasters are introduced i.e. at first the Anti-Christ, second symbolizes the war, the 3rd horse would be the sign of famine and at last, the 4th would indicate the beginning of plague.  The famine and War would be the outcome of Plague.

Affects of the Seven Seals:

  • First Seal Judgment: The opening of the first seals refers to the appearance of Anti- Christ, which would be known as “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. The opening of this seal would be the beginning of destruction. As the anti-Christ would conquer and rule the entire world.  ( Revelation 6:1, 2)
  • Second Seal Judgment: The opened second seal would have the symbol of war with the second horseman of the Apocalypse.  It means that anti-Christ will make nations to stand against each other, which would spark the fire of the next world war. (Revelation 6:3, 4)
  • Third Seal Judgment:  The third opens with an image of “Black Horse”, which is the symbol of famine. There will be extreme shortage of food and scarcity of money and resources.  In the third seal judgment, the world will witness that a penny would be equivalent to the day’s wages after the war.  People will get wages in a form of little food. (Revelation 6: 5, 6)
  • the seven bowls of revelation 3Fourth Seal Judgment: The fourth seal of judgment symbolizes death with the appearance of whitish pale horse. In the first 21 months of the Tribulation the death rate will tremendously rise. After the opening of this seal one-fourth of the people will die on earth.  Only sinners will be affected and Tribulation Christians will be saved from the sufferings of God’s wrath. (Revelation 6: 7, 8)
  • The Fifth Seal Judgment: Huge number of Tribulation Christians will be victimized and killed at this time. With the opening of this seal, Lord will hear His followers crying for justice.  And he will deliver justice in the form of the sixth seal, including bowl judgments and the trumpet. (Revelation 6: 9 – 11)
  • Sixth Seal Judgment: The judgment of sixth seals will bring disasters with it. Earth will experience damaging earthquakes, falling meteors from the sky and enormous disruptions. These disasters would be the revenge from God to the murderers of his saints. Through disasters, God convey his message that no sinner can be saved from his punishments and its lord himself who is judging them. (Revelation 6: 12 – 17)
  • The Seventh Seal Judgment: The seventh seal just portrays a picture of destruction. The opening of seventh seal will introduce The Seven Trumpet Judgments, i.e. the next set of seven judgments i.e.  . (Revelation 8: 1)

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